Assignment Rationale

The task of framing and situating readings is an important one for an advanced learner, who must discover the background of texts being reviewed and analyzed. No longer is this merely the professor's role.

Graduate school is a site for honing oral presentation, facilitation and team leadership skills, such as chairing or co-chairing meetings
We demonstrate knowledge differently when presenting than when writing. This allows for well-rounded assessment.

Course outline description:

· (15%) Presentation with handouts. – Date TBA. Once during term, lead discussion of the assigned readings for that class and post your material in a readable format online. 

  • Provide a context on the theoretical framework for that class (e.g. interpretive, or critical, or discursive) and an introduction to at least two of the readings. 
  • Discuss where each reading is situated intellectually within the framework, what each does for our understanding of communication in organizations, and what the strengths and weaknesses of its stance are. 
  • Be prepared to tell us something about the key scholars in that theoretical framework and about the author of each work: where he/she works, their main areas of scholarly interest and contribution, and anything else of interest that you can dig up online, such as a related website.


  • Sign up in the first week.  One presenter per day max.  No presentations on the final class day.
  • Something in visual form, even if it is a chart constructed from the information in the assigned readings.  Consider a screenshot of a website, an image of the author(s), figures and tables, etc. 
  • This is not like a conference presentation in which you speak alone for 20 minutes and then we discuss.  
    • This is more interactive and means you co-facilitate with Dr Smith and she may direct or participate as needed.  
    • Break up your presented ideas with questions and room for discussion; respectfully allow others to talk, and consider using samples to spark discussion. 
  • Power point slides, provided in handout form (i.e. 6-9 slides per page) for class, and posted along with your presentation notes.  
    • These should not just be an outline of the content of the text(s) assigned!!  As presenter you are elaborating on them and facilitating further thought by others in the class.
  • References in APA format


Within 2 business days (by Thursday) post all your materials online on Blackboard Discussion Main

  • Create a new Thread 
  • Subject header begins with the word presentation.  
  • In the message body should be at least one sentence, as Bb will not accept attachments to empty messages.  
  • Attach your presentation notes/outline, power point slides and visual(s) and any handouts as an attachment to the discussion message, or attached to a reply (since messages can only take one attachment each), or inserted within the message (use the icons in the message editing toolbar while composing) .